Being Mindful


Has the crazy energy the last few days made you feel as if you just couldn’t get it all together? Whenever I find myself ‘stuck’ I tend to go within. I quietly ask myself to stop, sit and listen. Today I did just that.
Changing up my atmosphere and getting myself into the garden, or going for a walk into nature usually immediately switches my energy to a higher vibration. But this evening I did something different.

This last week in our home, we have been under major home renovations. Resulting in a lot of dust, jackhammering, and many construction workers in and out of our house. Outside of our home on the driveway sits a dumpster full of all the old negative materials. Old pieces of drywall wall, that were once filled with their own stories, that are not a part of mine. From my second-floor view I can see busted up two by four pieces and lots of old installation.

Old rusted stain sinks, bath tubs and shower heads…all ready for the dump. Out with the old and in with the new is what I want to call it.
It has been really important to me to make our new/old home ours. Changing the spaces and bringing new energy to our space. As things are shifting in our home, I felt that it was important to get ourselves (un) stuck today and shift our energy as well…

Late this evening our family took an unplanned drive down to the Lake. After a few days of high humidity and high temperatures we needed to feel the fresh air blowing in off of the lake. What we didn’t expect to see were all the ‘white caps’ on the water and 3-4 feet gusts pounding in over the wall. It was breathtaking.

My husband grew up Sailing and with his Scorpio astrological sign I know that it’s important for him to live near the water. However, sometimes it takes me a lot of prodding to get him there.
I was grateful to have captured this incredible totally unplanned moment… as I stayed back inside the car and watch this unfold right in front of me… the beauty of nature, my beautiful husband and father of our two girls…I couldn’t have captured a more incredible moment than this.

Love and kindness,
Lisa Marie

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