"Most would say that I “fly by the seat of my pants” with my “limitless” thinking. I would describe my inner soul as quite adventurous."


Author Shares Life-Changing Journey to Self-Acceptance in Powerful Teaching Memoir

I am one that never wants to miss a moment of life and strive to capture each event like a snapshot on a camera. I have a very photographic memory and I am a visual learner. My experiences both good and not so good have inspired me to put my pen to paper. I prefer to put pen to paper and since I am left- handed I like to write on yellow legal pads. There is no spiral binding getting in the way of my flow.
With the recent release of my first book, a teaching memoir. Titled “ A Limitless Life in a Powerless World, the press release describes my writing as a unflinchingly courageous memoir that follows my journey across the ocean and back again. A memoir is probably one of the most difficult books to write. Yet, I chose this genre for my first published book. And for good reason. I felt that in order for me to have “something” to share and teach other’s I had to do the healing. I had to take the hard risks, and feel the pain of grief, divorce, death while facing and appreciating the happy moments. How does one do that? My memoir offers quotations and bits of wisdom sprinkled in along the way. I offer three questions at the end of each chapter for the reader to ponder. The questions offer a fabulous opportunity to use for book club groups or coffee table talk. I continue to write to bring inspiration to others and to offer a fresh view on our sometimes complicated, messy lives.
I dare others to practice raw honesty, radical self-acceptance by facing what scares you, while ultimately loving your own messy beautiful perfect truth. My current project is being written in a methodology form and is titled, “Unstuck”. I feel we all deserve to live a life that we love and are unstuck.
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