I so enjoyed this book, it took me away and I felt like I was sharing her life's ride with her. Don't miss out on this one !!
Kimberly, Amazon Reviews

With stunning clarity, Lisa Marie Runfola brings her readers a story of passion and compassion; of soul searching and soul finding, of losing oneself and finding oneself where least expected. While baring her own soul, Lisa Marie challenges the reader to dive deep into their soul to answer the same questions she asked herself while on her personal journey to find her limitless life. The beauty of this book is that the author acknowledges that her story is unique yet she encourages her reader to reflect on their own journey in order to achieve their personal limitless lifestyle. This is not a simple “how to” book; this is an empowerment tool.
The book was such a good way to spend a rainy day reading, it gave me a sense of positivity along with a lot of random thoughts to gather and sort. I think that the honesty and sharing the author gives to you in these chapters is so forthcoming and real that you can easily adapt it to your own life in some connected ways.
A Limitless Life in a Powerless World is a very well written book. You made me laugh and cry. I gigantic leap into the world of the unknown. Your readers of all ages will love this quick read. This is a memoir, but it kept me on the edge of my seat!!!
Julie Pampalona
Lisa Marie is the most intelligent,uplifting, kind, and lovely human being you will ever encounter!! Her writings are raw, truthful,captivating, freeing,interesting, and intriguing!!!!🦋I highly recommend her as an author, and mentor!
Joanne Mccleary
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Lisa Marie’s book was exactly what I needed, coming at just the right time in my life. If you are feeling “stuck” and powerless in a situation, Lisa Marie's guidance will help you overcome ANY obstacles that are holding you back. From grief to happiness beyond anything she could even dream of, she takes you through her life, and you can feel all her emotions. She even includes exercises after each chapter to help the reader. Her love for her children is SO very strong. She would do anything for her family, sacrificing her own needs when her 1st husband got sick and needed her. An absolutely breathtaking story of how one woman’s strength and courage takes her to the place she is today! I am so thankful for Lisa Marie and I cannot wait for her 2nd book!
Sandra R
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I love how Lisa writes about her life and makes the reader wonder about what makes our lives limitless in a powerless world. I most definitely connected with her in many of her ideas. Her story is powerful and I enjoyed reading her memoir. I look forward to more books by Lisa!
Amazon book reviews

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