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I am not usually at a lost for words. However, over the last week I’ve been having a difficult time wrapping my head around the fact that my little “Tilly” is turning a teenager today. I think this is why I began celebrating it last weekend to work myself up to this day. I am not going to say that the last 13 years have flown by either. Because honestly, it’s been a VERY long journey. It didn’t start off so pretty, or easy. And that is why I am writing this today. We have SURVIVED!

God had a plan. It was and continues to be HIS plan. His plan for us and our family is not one that I can control. It is not one that I even want to control. I surrendered many years ago. As I wrote in my newly released memoir. I had to surrender. In order to get myself unstuck I had to dig pretty deep within and release all that I thought was and all that I thought would be.

“God provides the backdrop; we just need to show up” ~~ I showed up and I continue to keep showing up. When we show up he provides. When we show up and keep ourselves spiritualy aligned all flows freely.

In the movie below you will see love and kindness. Every year at our home in Le Vesinet, France we held a “grande” Halloween party at our Le Maison. It was fabulous.

All the expats families came to celebrate an American Halloween with us. And we especially celebrated our daughter Anna Claire’s birthday. To all those that celebrated year after year with us THANK YOU. My expat friends became our unique family. They were special and will forever hold a place in our hearts.

Her life has been fragile but her zest, her will, her fight have soared beyond anything that any of use can even imagine. My daughter has shown us a love that I never new existed. Her strength and determination as an infant fought a war. One that none of us would ever want to see. I am so proud of our “Tilly”. This young lady today keeps on keeping on. She doesn’t allow much to get in her way and my prayer for her is that she can continue to shine. Share her smile with the world and warm the hearts of those in need. God repaired her little heart and I know that she is a miracle for all of us to experience.

Anna Claire thank you for walking this long journey with us. Thank you for the healing hands that you are blessed with. I am so proud to call you my daughter. I look forward to many years of travels with you.

Thank you Happy Birthday dear one. God Bless.

This song couldn’t be more perfect for my daughter’s 13th birthday.

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