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During the month of May, we have much to celebrate. Just a few weeks behind us now we celebrated Mother’s Day. A day to reflect on being a mother and the life choices that we make as a Mama.
This past Mother’s Day provided me with some time to reflect on my life choices. I thought about all the Mama’s out in the world who have to make a very difficult decision for themselves and above all how those choices would indeed have a great impact on their children.

In Chapter 13 of my memoir titled The Choice, I found myself at a crossroad in my life and I had to make a really hard choice.  As you will read in my memoir my husband was offered a work position overseas.  In 2008, the economy in the World was about to take a drastic change.  At this time in our lives, we both had very little.  A newborn baby and each other.  You can find this precious moment that I share in m memoir “A Limitless Life in a Powerless World.”  It was certainly a trying time.  But with my (our) limitless thinking we made that hard choice.  My husband took a position overseas and we entered the expat world of life.  Looking back today it was one of the best and most difficult choice I’ve ever had to make as a mother. 

For all the expats living and working hard out in the world today being separated from your family is not by any means easy on your heart.  I understand.  We continued this journey for the last 12 years. Moving from New York State to England, onward to Paris, France for five years and then back to the USA.  Not back to our hometown but to the Midwest.  Chicagoland my friends.  Still living as expats with one foot in two feet out.  I wasn’t sure that this was “our” place just yet. 

After five years, we took another grand leap of faith back over the pond to one of my most favorite countries, Switzerland.  The crisp, clean air and the crystal-clear lakes of Geneva, Switzerland still bring a smile to my face.  Just writing this, I can feel the magical energy that radiates through my body when I am living or traveling throughout Switzerland.  This time for reasons beyond our imagination (I will blog about that venture in another post down the road) — we found ourselves living back in the Northshore.  But this time we returned for other reasons.  We have committed to having our younger children complete their school studies here.  Making a firm commitment to live here has led us to purchasing a home.  This will final be “our” place that we can watch the children grow, from friendships and thrive in our little community.  With the city (Chicago) not too far off and our continued connection to our close relatives in Europe, I think that this time we can make it happen.  HAPPILY. 

This brings me back to my post Mother’s Day.  My two older children were in New York State and I was unable to be with them for Mother’s Day this year.  It made me very sad, but it’s okay.  At this buy time of year, my oldest son was finishing up his second year of his Master’s degree program.  Everything that I have raised him to be he was doing. All the years during his infancy when he sat on my lap and I read to him night after night was coming to fruition.  How could I be sad? He is thriving in his community and studying o be an Architect and Artist.  I can only be so blessed and grateful that he has found his niche.  He is on his journey and it’s HIS journey now.  Becoming a mother and watching our children grow is very difficult.  It is my hope that you have been able to sit back an look at all the seeds that you planted now grow and blossom before your eyes. 

For the young mama’s that are still raising their children, capture each moment and cherish it in your heart.  I am grateful that I still have young ones at home.  My 9 and 12-year old keep us going as well as my incredible 17-year-old son.  I am treasuring each and every day with him. Next year, he will be off to College.  YIKES!

This holiday weekend coming up, my oldest daughter will fly in from New York to spend it together as a family. We will celebrate our life now, our blessings, Mother’s Day and my upcoming birthday next week.
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With love and kindness,
Lisa Marie

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