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During a recent telephone conversation with my father, I expressed that our summer travel plans were under a slight delay. He heard a bit of the disappointment in my voice and had asked me what was happening in our part of the world. I replied, “Well Dad, our renovations in our hose began today.” A few weeks later than anticipated. With the delay, our summer travels have been pushed out a week or more.
My Dad’s optimistic view on life and his response back to me was simple. “Marie, your whole life has been under construction…Are you surprised?”

There are multiple big construction renovations taking place on our property. Last week I wrote about the front porch bricks being taken away and new bluestone being laid. The finished product came out gorgeous. I will post photos of that soon. We have landscaping projects, inside work and multiple patios that are being redesigned. It’s very exciting time for sure. But with any renovations, our life can be drastically disrupted.

How does one maintain calmness during these disruptive projects? And how do we get through our workday while the sledgehammers are pounding away? In Chapter 1 of my teaching memoir, I wrote about Setting the Foundation. Being raised by a cabinet maker and a home builder, my surroundings always seemed to be under construction. There was A LOT of change going on around our home quite often. We needed to remain flexible and patient.
My father’s words today reminded me to look deep within and remain flexible. Having the patience to see the end result is all that one can ask for. My whole life has been under construction in many different parts of my life. Not just an interior renovation but also exterior.
Perhaps, we all need to look at the areas of our life that may be temporarily under construction and realize that it’s just that, “temporary.” Have patience and know that we don’t necessarily always have to look at the finished result but allow ourselves to look at the process that it took to get there.

Be kind to yourself and know that there is nothing wrong with living your life under construction. What areas of your life do you want to change? Or renovate? Are you comfortable with keeping it all the same? Embrace where you are at today and keep an open mind to “limitless” possibilities that may lay ahead…

Love and kindness,
Lisa Marie

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