"I continue to write to bring inspiration to others and to offer a fresh view on our sometimes complicated, messy lives.


Writing this book has given me the opportunity to reflect on how certain situations and events in my life left me feeling powerless.


It sheds light on how I reacted in powerless situations at different points in my life. Over time I learned to sit in powerlessness without letting the external situation limit how I felt internally. When I am in a constant state of positive thought, I am living a limitless life. Anytime my positive thought process begins to shift backward into a negative state, I am no longer living a life full of limitless possibilities. I have found that when I am living a true life of limitless possibilities, the doors open wider, and more opportunities present themselves. Allowing negative forces—people, thoughts, and so forth—into my space closes off larger opportunities. I have learned that my inner experience trumps my exterior experience every time, and it’s always within my power to shift it. 

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