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This week has been filled with many ups and downs. My biggest message that I have received thus far this week is one word, “Patience”

Recently, we have purchased and moved into a home in Lake Forest, IL.  After living the last year in Geneva, Switzerland (bouncing back and forth between various hotels) it feels wonderful to finally get our bags unpacked. But not completely  in our own spaces yet. We are beginning several renovations projects on our property simultaneously. Outside and soon inside. This brings a lot of disruption to our days. My husband and I both work from home most of the time. For a writer this can be quite a challenge. There are many days that my noise cancelling head phones are wrapped around my neck. Today I took a break from writing to go outside and check up on our front porch project. Two days ago all of the bricks were chiseled off and filled the back of a dump truck. Yesterday and today Blue stone is being carefully selected and placed.

While I observed and spoke with our wonderful Architectural Landscape artist “Eddie” — I asked, “How do you know which pieces to place where?” This project was more than just throwing down some stone pieces and filling in the cracks with sand. Eddie’s reply shocked me. I was so taken that I had to ask him permission to take a video. His reply reminded me so much of my work today. I feel as I am preparing for my next book, plotting the story and building the structure that there was a direct relation with his answer.

Eddie’s response was “Each piece is it’s own story” ~~ Remarkable! The incredible amount of patience and intuitive connection needed to create this master piece will forever hold a special story in my heart. After this project is complete and each morning that I sit and have my cup of tea I will be reminded of the story that lies beneath my feet. When you put passion and pride into your work the love that radiates from simple stone warms the space. All of the Blue Stone is hand cut. Carefully measured. I have captured Eddie and his team stepping back and looking at the stone pieces individually. Gliding their hands over the stone. They feel the texture of each piece and thoughtful look at the color, the size, and I believe the “magic” that it holds. I have been watching them outside of my second story window this whole week. I’ve been embracing their work and appreciating all the love and knowledge that has gone into this project.

Their patience has taught me this week that we have to be patience to allow our stories to unfold. We cannot rush the process.  As an artist, a writer and anyone who is crafting their work we must learn to sometimes take a step back and wait for the magic to happen.

I know today is Thursday. So instead of giving you Wednesday words of Wisdom. I leave you today with Thursday’s thoughts. Sometimes we just have to let it roll…

With love and kindness, Lisa Marie


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