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No phones, no electronics to ring, beep, buzz, vibrate? Turning off the TV, iPad etc…. you get the picture.

Quality time out in the middle of the deep blue sea. Allow the ocean air to blow through your hair. Refresh your
inner being. Delegate your chores and your duties. Allow someone else for a few hours, a day, or weekend to take
your worries.

When is the last time that you have had any quality time with yourself or your family? Moving abroad and living in Paris,
France allowed our family to experience the different of a busy hustle and bustle American lifestyle vs. the quality time
that the Parisians take for their weekends and holidays.

They live to eat and holiday and I felt our life in America we lived to eat and slaved away with long work hours. Only to find
ourselves full of stress, sickness and a pile of debt.

There is not Target or friendly blue carts that we find at our local Walmart stores. Our shopping carts were not loaded with several hundred of dollars of non-sense. In Paris we walking with our little old lady silver wired cart to the nearby Carrefour and we only purchased what would fit in our mid-size European refrigerator — the days meals. No more — no less.

I truly understood what it meant to live quality over quantity. The thought of us moving back to Geneva, Switzerland filled my soul with excitement again. I knew that we would be free of having to need a vehicle which meant we would explore as a family on foot again. Moving our bodies each day giving our mind a chance to rest with every step. The mind body connection of walking briskly down the hill to the Cordavin train station ~~ running up the elevator to Platform one to catch the train out to Version with our three children in tow…. oh, the day difficult days of not wanting to miss the 7:10 am train. Which would arrive perfectly in ??? Version ( station name ) in time so that we could make the uphill climb over to the International school our children would attend. A quick stop at the early morning cafe to sit and have a chat with the little ones over a war Chocolate Chaud — started the day with pure quality time. No beepers, buzzers or text message. One on one heart to heart chats. Oh the days….. I so dearly miss….

Before we knew it we were back to packing up 28 suitcases after 18 different hotels and slogging our way back to an American lifestyle that I wasn’t quite ready to live again.

How could I get my self unstuck to stuck again? OR was I really stuck again? Perhaps not. After a lengthy discussion with my husband I began to plot how we could take our International lifestyle and transport this life back over the pond again…. Could be possibly keep our healthy eating habits, our leisure walks along the lake again? We were trading again Lake Leman for Lake Michigan? I thought for a second…. I begged to my inner being that I was NOT Stuck? I can’t be stuck again? How could we be moving back to the town that I said I would never live again? Was it really so bad.

With a different mindset I would soon be able to embrace and take everything that I had learned from living abroad as an expat and use all of this experience back to our life in America? I questioned myself as an American? Why do we continue to remain stuck and not live the life that we really want. Why do we keep slogging through the life that we weren’t meant to live?

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