As most will learn from reading my memoir, I am a world traveler. I have been blessed with the travel bug. I love to visit different cities and countries. I am very interested in learning about other cultures and beliefs. I have been asked many times what inspires me to write? Along with the next question, “How do I always keep a positive attitude toward life when there is so much happening so quickly?
I am inspired by my atmosphere and scenery. I prefer a change of scenery often and I thrive on the change of seasons. Florida is a beautiful place to live and I love the warm gulf waters however, I have been spoiled (blessed) to live near the mountains in Switzerland. The crystal-clear lakes filled with a rocky pebble bottom sandwiched between a massive backdrop of mountains is incredible.

There is nothing better than to have experienced sailing on Lake Leman in Geneva, Switzerland looking up at the snow-covered mountain op of Mont Blanc. It’s breathtaking. My soul is craving more of this. Summer cannot come soon enough.
I have always felt called to nature and especially to different landscapes and when I don’t answer my bod gets antsy. This probably why I continue to pack and unpack my suitcases often. When I travel, the experience turns on m creative process and I begin to write. Sometimes in my mind before I know it, I am scratching down words on m yellow legal pads or voice recording into my phone. I would share that I am inspired by people, places and moments. Yesterday’s Tuesday thoughts post on m social media platform kept me clicking back and looking at the spectacular backdrop of the sugar loaf mountain in Rio de Janeiro. Gorgeous Rio, the country that literally save my being—back in 2006. That powerful adventure that I write about in Chapter 9 literally opened up a pathway for me and let ME be ME again!

If you are feeling a bit lost or out of touch with you, try to find a place that you can find YOU again. Not all of us can just jet off to Rio right now…. Heck, I certainly cannot today. But I can take a short drive down to Lake Michigan and capture the waves breaking up against the brick wall. I can take a deep breath and smell the crisp lake air today. 15 – 20 minutes to oneself can renew your sense of spirit and you remarkable might surprise yourself at how much better you feel.
It’s more about recognizing what our soul needs and trying to get out and feed it, nourish the inner you so that you can shine and be the light for the outer world.
With love and kindness,
Lisa Marie

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