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You were born to feel and live alive! These uplifting books will take you from grief to happiness through every feeling in between with profound truths and bold clarity. Lisa Marie Runfola gently guides you through what you need to know to live and love an electric life.

It’s time to amp up the wattage, inspire transformative change, and laugh along the way.


A Limitless Life in a Powerless World

A Memoir

After living an average life in Buffalo, NY, Lisa Marie Runfola gave it all up to marry her paramour and live abroad as an expatriate, only to return a few years later to support her ex-husband and children through his cancer and eventual death. In this debut book, Runfola brings introspection and inspiration to those who wish to find limitless opportunities in powerless circumstances.

Packed with highly relatable stories about relationships, motherhood, and loss, A Limitless Life in a Powerless World provides a safe place for those looking for healing and spiritual guidance in the wake of trauma. With integration exercises at the end of each chapter, it teaches readers how to practice self-care in moments of weakness and encourages them to find strength in their individuality so they can thrive through even the greatest of adversities.

A Limitless Life in a Powerless World is a very well written book. You made me laugh and cry. A gigantic leap into the world of the unknown. Your readers of all ages will love this quick read. This is a memoir, but it kept me on the edge of my seat!!!


Women Who Empower

A Heart-Warming Collection

Immerse yourself in stories of perseverance, resilience, courage, grace, and forgiveness from 30 women who have faced hardship and come out stronger. Lisa Marie Runfola joins 29 others as co-author in this uplifting and heart-warming collection.

This is the seventh book in the Inspired Impact Series. Lisa Marie’s contribution, 28 Suitcases, captures a moment of faith, loss, connection, and hope as she finds her way through uncertainty. Explore this incredible collection of inspirational and empowering short stories.



Leading Wth Legacy

A Collection of Inspiring Women Paving the Way

A collection of twenty women sharing inspirational stories about creating a legacy with this one life we have been given! Through these stories you will feel uplifted, inspired and empowered. We all have an opportunity to leave our mark on the world, this book will walk you through unique and profound stories of leaving a legacy for generations to come. This book is part of the Inspired Impact Book Series which hosts nine other titles such as Women Who Dream, Women Who Shine, Women Who Empower and more!


(Un)Stuck: An Adventurous Soul’s Guide to Feeling Stuck, Getting Free, and Everything In Between

Break Free Effectively

Even the happiest people in the world feel stuck sometimes; they’ve just perfected the art of repeatedly ungluing themselves. In her much anticipated second book, Lisa Marie Runfola walks us through the emotional and practical aspects of becoming unstuck in a status quo world.

In Lisa Marie’s raw, confessional style, (Un)Stuck grounds its readers in the understanding that they aren’t alone in their feelings of overwhelm or stuckness. With integration opportunities in every chapter, you’ll learn how to lean into the stuck-ness productively, break free effectively, and enjoy every part of the process.

An instrumental handbook for the adventurous soul, (Un)Stuck walks the relatable-meets-practical line between Glennon Doyle’s Untamed and Nancy Levin’s Setting Boundaries Will Set You Free.

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