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Lisa Marie Runfola is a dynamic, charismatic speaker that will light up your event with tips and techniques your audience can implement immediately. Her unique style combines inspirational storytelling, bold truths, and powerful messages to gift your audience with the opportunity to see new possibilities for their own lives.

Lisa Marie brings transformational concepts to life in a personal and relatable way your attendees will love. Guaranteed to inspire and energize your attendees.

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These days, the vast majority of women are juggling too many balls, rushing between work and home responsibilities, only to find themselves running on an empty tank. It’s time to flip the switch!

Lisa Marie’s signature talk, Turn Your Life Back On, energizes audiences with her hilarious relatability. She brings to the stage her stories of how she moved past grief, heartache, and a life that felt dim and dull to loving every single day.

Your audience will experience:

● stories that energize and inspire
● new techniques to encourage change
● a profound shift in perspective and possibility

Other Popular Topics


Alternative keynotes, half-day, full-day, and multi-day sessions are available and can be tailored to your organization’s objectives.  Simply get in touch to talk about your needs.

You Are Your
Passion Project

Our culture loves to talk about self-care as another thing on the To Do List. Lisa Marie offers a new concept of what self-care could look like if it were part of your daily life.

Dream Big,
Dream Reality

Stop settling for less! Often the reason we feel stuck or lonely is because our basic needs aren’t being met. Learn tips and tricks to unstick, dream big, and make them happen.


I’d love it if everyone could experience this potentially life-transforming program, because I believe it can help everyone take positive steps in the right direction.


Lisa Marie Runfola

Levin Life Coach, Author, Speaker & Life Ignitor.

A Life Ignitor & Certified Levin Life Coach, Lisa Marie brings her wisdom, charisma, bright outlook and relatability to help other women amplify their lives with clear goals, strong boundaries, and feel more alive in every area of their lives.

Lisa Marie’s work has been featured by Hay House Radio, the Chicago Tribune, Julie Jancius’ Angels and Awakening Podcast, Wellness Radio with Dr. Jeanette, and Kelly Notaras’ Author Spotlight series.

Her first book, A Limitless Life in a Powerless World: A Memoir, was released in 2019 and has been touching women’s hearts around the globe.

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