What’s Not Being Said.
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What's Not Being Said

You were born to feel and live alive! These uplifting books will take you from grief to happiness through every feeling in between with profound truths and bold clarity. Lisa Marie Runfola gently guides you through what you need to know to live and love an electric life.

It’s time to amp up the wattage, inspire transformative change, and laugh along the way.

There are always two parts to a conversation. The part that’s said, and the part that’s left unsaid. So many of us live in silence and are unable to speak our truth. In order to heal, grow, and create the lives that we desire, we must share how we honestly feel.

What’s Not Being Said is a podcast hosted by Lisa Marie Runfola. As a certified coach, author, and self-described Life Ignitor, Lisa Marie will help you “Flip The Switch and Turn Your Life Back On” during this illuminating conversation series. Join her as she speaks with authors, healers, coaches, and brave souls as they explore ways to help people feel more alive in every area of their life.

This is a brand new podcast that guarantees laughter and inspiration.

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